Color Academy Ink

Do you have the confidence and skills to pick up any book and color it exactly the way you see it in your head?

…Or are you just winging it?

Starting each page hoping you don’t mess it up?

If you are “winging it”, don’t feel bad…  When I first started, that’s what I did too. I knew coloring was supposed to be fun, but I always felt disappointed when I finished.

So I spent YEARS figuring out the fastest, easiest way to add color to my drawings and get awesome results each and every time, and created a system for you to use to get the same success.

This system, Color Academy Ink, reduces the fear of messing up by giving you the understanding of what colors to use where, why you should use those colors, and then giving you the resources to make pages that will really get you noticed.

I’ve been a professional art instructor for over ten years and I’ve taught hundreds of people just like you how to make art that they are proud of.

I’ve taken all the experience I’ve gained through teaching all those years and stripped out the things that didn’t work, while improving on the things that did to create the Color Academy Ink program.

These coloring classes aren’t boring or stuffy. You’ll learn these techniques by doing what you love to do – coloring!

When You Join The Academy,
You Get A New Class Each Month

color academy class projects

Each Month’s Class Contains:


These coloring pages are only available from me, so your finished work won’t be just more of the “same old, same old” page everyone else is coloring.

Each month’s theme is taken from subjects you already love, like fantasy, fairy tales, realism, popular movies and more.


Each month I’ll select one of the five pages as a “study” page, and create a narrated video and a step-by-step book with photos and text instruction. I cover the entire coloring process from start to finish. You’ll never get lost or miss a step.


No Copics, no problem. Each class comes with a conversion chart, so if you’re using a different brand of markers, or even colored pencils, you’ll be able to match your colors perfectly.


These practice sheets are perfect for making coloring swatches and notes as you’re going through the book and video, and will help you get the “jitters” out before starting on the real thing.

You’ll never have to worry about ruining a page in the middle of coloring again. Want to try a new technique or see how something will look without risking a mistake on the real thing? That’s exactly what these pages are for.


You’ll also get the file of reference photos I used to inform my coloring choices. For example, if I have flowers in the background, you’ll see exactly which photos I referenced to make sure the color was just right.


This is a high resolution digital print of the finished page from the class. You can print this out to use as reference as you work, or if you love the image you can frame it and hang it. It’s like getting one of my art prints every month!


By being an Academy member, you will get personal one on one help from me. I’ll help you when you get stuck, and give feedback and advice on every completed “study” page.

I’ll take the time to look over your work and show you exactly where you did awesome (because I know you only see where you think you messed up), and I’ll also tell you where you might be able to improve on the next page you color.

Color Academy Ink is a monthly subscription course that contains new classes each month. Everything is digital, so you get immediate access no matter where you are in the world. The classes are self-paced and all the materials can be easily downloaded to any device so you’ll have access for life and can work on them when it works best for you.

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