An Artist’s Guide to Print on Demand


*UPDATE: This article was originally written in January 2016, and has been updated as of December 2016 with new information to reflect the current state of print on demands for the artist. This is the most accurate and up to date information you’ll find on this subject anywhere.   By …

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Email Marketing for Beginners


So what exactly is email marketing? Email marketing in its most basic form is sending your messages to a group of people using email, with the intent of encouraging them to take some kind of action so that you can make a profit. Every email you send to a potential …

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Launch Your Art Career


Have you ever wondered why there are so many starving artists in the world? Or why so many of your favorite high profile, Instagram-famous artists still need a day job to make ends meet? The reason is really pretty simple. Most artists know an awful lot about making art, but …

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The Fifty Million Dollar Star Wars Trick


Use this one trick to get your followers off of your Instagram and into your online store! Did you know that the new Star Wars movie sold over 50 million dollars worth of tickets a full month before the movie even hit the theaters? It did. In fact, it was …

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Art Marketing That Doesn’t Suck


  Why Should You Read This Post? I’ve been selling my art for most of my adult life. I’ve sold my work on prints, t-shirts, stickers, and mugs, just to name a few. My original Copic drawings sell for nearly $1000 each, and my work is collected around the world. …

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How To Price Your Art: What Every Artist Needs To Know

price your art

As artists, we’ve been lied to our whole lives. We’ve been led to believe that art and money don’t mix. We’ve been told that artists are too creative and too right brained to really understand the complexities of business models and price structures, and that real art is above such …

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How to Grow Your Audience on Instagram, Part 2


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to add new followers to your Instagram account every day? I’m talking about real followers here, not the kind you pay for. Nope. Real people who really like your art and are on your account because they really want to be. …

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How to Grow Your Audience on Instagram, Part 1


When it comes to showing your art to the world, Instagram is king. No other social media site comes close. In the first half of 2015, over 1,000,000 dollars worth of art was sold on Instagram making it the worlds fastest growing art gallery both on or offline. In a …

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Seven Things You Should Never Say About Your Art


How we talk about our art matters. Words have enormous power to influence the way people think and feel. The right words can elevate your artwork in the minds of your followers, and the wrong words can make it impossible for them to look at your work in a positive …

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Is Your Art Good Enough to Sell?


In last week’s blog post, I covered 3 reasons you should want to sell your art, but that post left an important question unanswered. What if you want to sell, but aren’t sure if your art is even good enough? If you’ve ever thought you’re not good enough to be …

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