How to Color Skin, Part 1:
Laying in the Base Colors

This video is the first tutorial in a series of tutorials that cover the techniques I use for coloring light skin tones.

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  1. It really is amazing what a difference these videos have made to my copic drawings overnight. I had almost completely given up on using them, but these tutorials have really fueled the fire and made me pick them up again. Working on an Edgar Allen Poe drawing at the minute, using this method and already feeling a lot happier with the overall look. Will post a finished pic soon. Still a ways to go but you have definately put me on the right track, again, many, many thanks Christopher 🙂 Also just discovered your blog, which looks great so far, will get stuck into all that later…

  2. Just watched this first skin tone video, its fascinating. Wow. I am going to try out the cool and warm as for some reason I just use the value’s, I’d also love to get the blend smoother so I think my colours may vary in value too much. I don’t have alot of copic colors yet so look forward expanding and trying this out. Thanks Christopher. Onto watching the others 🙂

    • Hi Sanchia, I’m glad you liked it! Most tutorials out there only cover the light to dark techniques so it’s no wonder this concept is new to you. As for smoother blends, the key is to lay in a base color as evenly as possible with circular coloring motions and then lay colors of similar value over and into that layer. Blending problems only happen when you’re trying to blend two colors that are too dissimilar.

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