Decoding The Copic Color System

Have you ever wondered if Copic markers really are right for you? It’s a valid question… Most of the information you find on the internet about what makes Copic markers so great is written by people who are trying to sell them to you. They talk about Copics being the…

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How expensive are Copics really?

Ask anybody and they will tell you… Copic markers are expensive. It seems no matter where you look, the best price you can find for an individual Sketch marker is just over $5. The reason for this is that the Too Corporation, the company that manufactures Copic markers, actually sets…

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Breathe New Life Into Dead Copics

One of the main things that sets Copic markers apart from most other marker brands is the fact that you can refill an empty marker and replace the coloring nibs. With new nibs and fresh ink, an old marker becomes new again, and you should never have to replace it.…

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