November Color Academy Ink Class: “Mastering Mucha”


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  • “Fruit” Coloring Page
  • 99 Pg. Step-by-step instructional book with 269 photos and text explanation on how to color your page like a pro
  • 64 minutes of fully narrated video broken into 5 chapters
  • Conversion chart for use with different media
  • 4 More “Mucha” Coloring Pages
  • Practice Pages to go with all 5 coloring pages
  • Reference Photos
  • Digital Print of the finished class page

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To call this class a “tutorial” doesn’t do it justice…

…this is more like a “tutorial on STEROIDS.”

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create art nouveau color schemes to bring your creation to life…
  • Render “problem” objects like skin, clothing, fruit, etc…
  • Correct “mistakes”, even when they are HUGE.
  • Place your shadows and highlights to make your drawing look three-dimentional
  • Blend values smoothly and evenly
  • Convert marker colors across different brands and even to colored pencils
  • And soooo much more…

Most importantly, I’ll show you techniques that you can use on every page you color. This isn’t simply step-by-step, it’s real art education from a professional artist.


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