September Color Academy Ink Class: “Sugar Rush”


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  • 5 “Disappearing” Line Drawings (Coke Bottle, Snickers Bar, Twix Bar, Pepsi Bottle, Peanut M&M’s)
  • 113 Pg. Step-by-step instructional book with over 300 photos and text explanation on how to color a hyperrealistic Coke bottle, Snickers Bar, and Twix Bar like a pro
  • 28 minutes of fully narrated video on coloring the Coke bottle
  • 9 minute video on coloring the Snickers bar
  • 6 minute video on coloring the Twix bar
  • Conversion chart for use with different media
  • Practice Pages to go with all 5 line drawings
  • Reference Photos
  • Digital Prints of the finished Coke bottle, Snickers bar, and Twix bar
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peek into the classroom-sr

To call this class a “tutorial” doesn’t do it justice…

…this is more like a “tutorial on STEROIDS.”

In this class, you’ll learn how to create YOUR OWN hyperrealistic drawings.

Most importantly, I’ll show you techniques that you can use on every hyperrealitic drawing you color. This isn’t simply step-by-step, it’s real art education from a professional artist.


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